Ortovox S1+ PLUS Avalanche Transceiver Beacon

Ortovox S1+ PLUS Avalanche Transceiver Beacon
  • Ortovox S1+ PLUS Avalanche Transceiver Beacon
  • Ortovox S1+ PLUS Avalanche Transceiver Beacon
  • Ortovox S1+ PLUS Avalanche Transceiver Beacon

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The number 1 Transceiver for people with very little experience, or professionals wanting maximum functionality. Now with Smart Antennae!

The Ortovox S1+ is the world's first sensor-controlled avalanche transceiver. This revolutionary avalanche beacon shows the positions and the distances to the buried victims on its large illuminated display. It's ease of use and user friendly interface means that a complete beginner can open the S1+ and effectively find a victim within minutes, unlike some other transceivers on the market! For experienced users, the S1+ boasts a whole array of life saving features that will help you search and rescue in the most efficient way and is the beacon of choice when time is of the essence.

The all new S1+ now features the smart antennae, which automatically selects the correct antennae for your body position. This completely eliminates dead spots and means you will be found even more efficiently than ever before! In the worst case of a burial, how well and quickly you will be found by your companions depends on your location in the avalanche. This is called a coupling position. An axial coupling position is optimal – when your transmitter has the longest range. A vertical position is bad, since the range collapses by about 52%. In this situation, the S1+ uses the patented SMART ANTENNA TECHNOLOGY. It analyses the position of the antennas and automatically switches to the best transmitting antenna. The result: you get 43% more range than with all other devices on the market (with the exception of 3+), entirely independent of the search device of your companion!

In scan mode, the S1+ can simultaneously scan for up to 4 signals in the avalanche area and can therefore locate several buried people at the same time. The large, illuminated display shows the relative position and the distance to each buried person, automatically calculated by the S1+ by analysing the flux line. With the aid of the graphic display, the searcher heads for the nearest transmitter. The display is continuously updated making the search and locate process as quick and efficient as possible. Once a person has been located, the searcher can quickly and easily switch the S1+ to search for the next nearest transmitter with a minimum of fuss.

The Ortovox S1+ avalanche beacon has an automatic safety switch-back, in which the device automatically switches back from any operating mode to transmit mode after a certain (user defined) time in order to be set on transmit mode in case of a second avalanche.

The S1+ works on the world-wide standardized frequency and is compatible with all standardized beacons available on the market working on this frequency. Additional features include 'electronic compass', temperature and measurement of inclination.

Features Include
  • Smart Antennae - Automatic selection of the correct antennae for your position
  • S1 Overview - Full overview of the burial situation in a graphic format rather than just a bleeping light!
  • S1 Pin Spot - Pin point accuracy when you are within a few metres, allowing you to accurately find your victim using a graphic display
  • S1 Auto Scan - Super fast and easy to switch from transmit to scan, simply open the unit!
  • S1 Update - Up-datable software to keep your beacon in tip top condition and fully compatible
  • Multiple Burial Mode - Displays the victims in a graphic way so you can see their exact positions and distances
The Lowdown
  • Range - 65 metres, the longest on the market!
  • Frequency - 457 khz
  • Dimensions - 123 x 80 x 32 mm
  • Batteries - 3 x AAA LR3 mini 1,5v
  • Battery Life - 350 hours transmitting or 20 hours receiving
  • Warranty - 5 year Ortovox warranty

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