Palmer PLS Snowboard Riser Plate, One Size Fits All, SHOCK

Palmer PLS Snowboard Riser Plate, One Size Fits All, SHOCK

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One size fits all
4627    PSR456149-1
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The Premium Power Link System (PLS) for riders who want the best for all mountain riding and racing

The Palmer PLS Shock Power Link System is a riser kit (like the Burton Elevator) designed to raise your bindings up off your snowboard. If you have got big feet, the PLS system minimises toe and heel drag so you can ride a regular wait width snowboard.

The PLS turbocharges your board with more power to the edges, better control and quicker response, plus more relaxed riding on hard pack and icy slopes. Working on the basic principals of leverage, the PLS is not only for big footers but will also improve the skill of men and women of all foot sizes and is compatible with almost all boards and bindings, including Burton 3 hole and 4 hole systems.

Features Include:

  • 10mm lifting power
  • 12 degrees more turning freedom
  • Dual density to cushion the landings and crank the edges
  • Inlcudes all mounting hardware