Academy Snowboards was founded on the principles of quality, progression and individuality, and their snowboards certainly reflect this. They are focused on creating the very best boards out there and are committed to constantly developing, improving and revolutionising their products.

Formed in 2002 by snowboarding legend Chad Otterstrom, Academy Snowboards are leaders in producing truly progressive snowboards for all kinds of rider.

Chad has been at the forefront of snowboarding for over 20 years and in that time has become one of the worlds most celebrated riders, known for his unique style and mastery of halfpipe and powder. As one of the best snowboarders in the game, he knows what makes a truly great ride. With this in mind, he founded Academy alongside his partners Matt Peterson and Jake Pollock, with the aim of building the best snowboards in the world.

As a rider owned and operated company, Academy have stayed true to their roots and pride themselves on remaining independent and not 'selling their soul' to faceless corporations. Instead, they've aimed to keep their product line small and uncomplicated and have dedicated themselves to ensuring that each and every one of their snowboards is of the very highest quality.

Most recently, they teamed up with Never Summer Industries and moved production to their independent factory to ensure the long term quality, durability, and consistency of their products. Each snowboard is hand made with care and dedication that reflects Academy's ethos of making the best snowboards in the world. Their incredible line up features snowboards which cater to every kind of rider, from freestyle park stompers to all mountain freeride chargers.

Academy Propacamba Positive Camber Snowboard, 153cm 2020
more colours available

Academy Propacamba Positive Camber Snowboard

Academy Propaganda Zero Camber Snowboard, 154cm Wide 2020
more colours available

Academy Propaganda Zero Camber Snowboard

Academy Team Hybrid Camber Snowboard, 152cm 2019
more colours available

Academy TEAM Hybrid Camber Snowboard

Academy Master Rocker Camber Snowboard, 157cm 2020
more colours available

Academy Master Rocker Camber Snowboard

Academy Graduate Rocker Camber Snowboard, 158cm 2020
more colours available

Academy Graduate Rocker Camber Snowboard