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Amundsen Sports produce high-quality outerwear and clothing which have been inspired by the explorer Roald Amundsen, who set out to conquer the South Pole in 1911.

When Roald Amundsen set out to conquer the South Pole in 1911, he chose to learn from the best possible source and went to live with the Inuits to study their knowledge on cold weather survival which he intended to combine with cutting edge materials and technology of his time, to produce the highest-performing products possible.

Amundsen’s ability to look back in time while leaping forward, his thorough planning, his urge to explore the unexplored, his accuracy and above all his refusal to accept the status quo, made Roald succeed were others had failed.

Inspired by this set of skills, Jørgen Amundsen, an industrial designer, questioned the way people today dress for their outdoor activities. It seemed the market had forgotten essential knowledge built up over centuries.

Jørgen wanted to do something about this and approached his childhood friend Erik Friis with his ideas. Jørgen and Erik had been competing in the same ski club in Oslo and done some travelling together in Patagonia. Erik welcomed the challenge and together they founded Amundsen Sports out of Oslo Norway in 2009.

The very foundations of Amundsen Sports, are made of the standards set by Roald Amundsen and his spirit of adventure. His successful combination of tradition with innovation strongly inspires us on our mission to enhance and simplify the everyday life for outdoor enthusiasts. We develop smart products inspired by the past and built for the future with advanced technical features and state-of-the-art materials.

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