Atrip is a rider driven brand for the badass.  With apparel that is as functional and fresh in the snow as it is in the street, Atrip is for those with special interests and who aren't afraid to rule them.

Co-owned by the renowned and influential snowboarder Halldor Helgason, Atrip is a brand for badass people, looking for apparel that supports their interests, whatever they are.  With designs as stylish as Halldor's snowboarding Atrip will have you covered wherever you find yourself.

Halldor's Atrip Special Interest Club is a theme that runs along with and influences the brand and is aimed at providing a theme for each season based on random hobbies and interests, creating apparel that is functional in snow but also looks great in the streets.

Atrip is a brand not only for those who love the shred but for anyone with a special interest.


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Atrip Loon Lake Snowboard/Ski Jacket, L Brown
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Atrip Loon Lake Snowboard/Ski Jacket

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