Black Friday 2021


Bern - probably the coolest helmet brand on the planet - bar none!  Just because you wear a helmet, it does not mean you have to look like a dork!  Bern sussed this out years ago and now produce the coolest range of helmets and body armour for all extreme sports - skate, skateboard, bike, BMX, cycle, snowboard, ski, watersports, wakeboard, canoe and h2o.

Olympic winners with the Bern Baker snowboard helmet, the Bern Watts, Brentwood, G and Macon make up the men's snowboarding line up. Women's ski helmets include Bern Muse Helmet, Brighton, Berkeley and Cougar. Not just for boarding and skiing - Bern helmets are for multi sport too. The Nina and Nino are for girls and boys. Always cheap in our discount clearance sale. As well as helmets, Bern's range includes body armour for action sports. We stock the full range of Bern summer, skate or bike helmets in our Streetwear Department. 

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Viewing 0 out of 40