Blizzard skis are at the cutting edge of ski design and technology, making you fall in love with skiing all over again.

Blizzard have been making skis since 1945 and are a company who are constantly on the forefront of ski technology, pushing the boundries of what's possible and making skis that people just love. Their suspension technology is revolutionary in ski design, giving amazing dampening and control, without gaining much weight. 

Blizzards' history is one of racing pedigree with countless winners in World Cup Downhill races, Super G, Slalom and many other events. Some of the most famous names have won with Blizzard skis on their feet and continue to do so today. All of this race technology and experience filters down perfectly to their ski range for us mere mortals! The light weight materials, high performance components and extensive research make for some pretty amazing skis! Take a look at the range!


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Blizzard Black Pearl 78 Women's Skis, 163cm Violet/Black 2020
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Blizzard Black Pearl 78 Women's Skis

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