Climbskin know all too well how vital it is for climbers to keep their hands in the best condition and produces its products using the most potent skin regenerative agents found in nature so climbers can continue to do what they love most.

Climbskin produces products for climbers by climbers. The company was founded by a group of friends who came together with the collective aim to overcome limitations caused by damage to the hands that can inhibit performance when climbing. Thanks to a couple of science-based qualifications, a dash of cosmetic experience, and most importantly, a passion for climbing, they produced their inaugural product: Climbskin Hand Cream.

Climbskin's products contain an innovative blend of ingredients that are soluble in oil meaning they are absorbed by the skin much quicker than wax-based products, resulting in deeper hydration, better regeneration, and fewer residues.

All Climbskin products are refined through rigorous testing on themselves, friends, and professional climbers, with the end result being the very best hand careavailable to climbers today.


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Climbskin Organic Silicium Gel Muscle Recovery Treatment, 75ml
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Climbskin Organic Silicium Gel Muscle Recovery Treatment

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