Based in Switzerland, Compressport began making compression products in 2008. Now a world leader in compression apparel, Compressport produces high-end products for athletes that are passionate about their sport and want to be the best.

With its medical research background, Compressport strives to create highly specialist products that use the latest technologies to improve performance and recovery. The brand works closely with over 500 professional athletes, testing new products and ensuring they are suitable for their desired use. The athletes are always at the forefront of the brand's progression, driving the need for innovation and looking ahead for new ways to evolve.

With ranges for trail running, triathlon, cycling and racket sports (among others), Compressport offers something for everyone. The brand's passion for sport is at the heart of its philosophy, always striving to move forward and be the best for its devoted athletes.


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Compressport R2 Oxygen Calf Compression Sleeve, Size T3 Black
more colours available

Compressport R2 Oxygen Calf Compression Sleeve

Compressport Armforce Pair Of Compression Armsleeves, Size 2 Black
more colours available

Compressport Armforce Compression Armsleeves

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