Crab Grab

Crab Grab are a small family company that makes snowbparding apparel and accessories in Portland, Oregon in the summer and Mt. Hood, Oregon in the winter. Everything Crab Grab produce is totally outrageous for a unique style and look.

Crab Grab produce a range of snowboard accessories guaranteed to make your snowboard 2x as fun. With a range of outrageous stomp pads to stop foot slippage forever and their unique Crab Sticks to make every grab count! Crab Grab also have a growing team of sponsored riders including Mark McMorris, Bode Merrill, Pat Moore, Scott Stevens, Jesse Burtner and Jussi Oksanen. This brand is totally out there!


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Crab Grab High Mark Ski/Snowboard Beanie, One Size Heather Grey
more colours available

Crab Grab High Mark Ski/Snowboard Beanie


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