Crafty Climbing

Crafty Climbing makes fun, quirky rock-climbing chalk bags with creative designs to add some extra excitement to your climb.

Crafty Climbing was born from creator Marcin's desire for a fun and original chalk bag - but all he could find were plain and boring. So instead, he decided to design his own, and soon he was making them for all his friends too - from there, the business only grew and now they're selling all across Europe! 

With quirky and cute designs, these Crafty Climbing chalk bags are furry and fun! Using high quality materials and construction, these chalk bags are safe and secure, allowing you to chalk up your hands with ease. 


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Crafty Climbing Furry Rock Climbing Chalk Bag, 50g Lime-Green
more colours available

Crafty Climbing Furry Rock Climbing Chalk Bag

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