EPIC Balance Boards

EPIC Balance Boards were born from a love of sports, the outdoors and having fun, and are designed for fellow sports and fitness enthusiasts. Much of EPIC's balance board artwork is inspired by nature and a passion for outdoor sports like surfing and snowboarding, making for some truly 'epic' graphics and high-quality designs. 

Quality is a key part of EPIC's philosphy, and each balance board is made from carefully chosen wood to ensure that you get the best out your board. All boards are 100% eco-friendly and can also be recycled.

Balance boards are the perfect cross trainer and adding a balance board to a fitness routine is a great way to build core strength. This will aid in learning new snowboard or skateboard tricks, and will maintain muscle strength and flexibilty. Aside from board sports, EPIC balance boards can be used to improve body position for yoga, and increase strength and endurance for all types of sport. 


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EPIC Balance Boards Wood Series Board/Trainer, Baltica
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