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Fix snowboard bindings are built with durability and performance in mind - which are successfully delivered through superior manufacturing and minimalist design. 

Fix Binding Company was founded by Jason Broz and Daniel Mau, two incredibly influential people in the snowboarding industry. Jason Broz has tremendous product development experience having built his own board brand before heading up the Research and Development department over at Endeavour. He then crossed paths in Asia with Daniel Mau, a man who's been learning about and producing bindings for over 20 years. The two men came together to combine Jason's marketing, branding and product experience with Daniel's supply chain and engineering expertise to form the company you see today. 

The brand's philosophy is simple - to design and manufacture snowboard bindings that everyone can afford. This is achieved through modern and sophisticated factory tooling with minimal designs which are tested to their limits. Fix have made sure every binding has the strength and durability of a product usually in a much higher price bracket. 

Fix are pioneers of a new wave of business which has the capacity to respond rapidly to their customers, pro riders and their own intuition through producing smaller runs of products at a fraction of the price. Essentially, this means Fix can pass on these savings to consumers and release updated offerings to the market far more easily than their larger counterparts. 

Even though they did not set out to reinvent the wheel, Fix have struck gold with their X Lock system, which allows riders to switch out their bindings to another board in just 10 seconds and with no tools. This innovative binding is indicative of the big waves this small firm is already making in the industry thanks to their fresh approach.


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Meltdown Sale
Fix January Snowboard Bindings, S/M Teal 2021
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Fix January Snowboard Bindings

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