Handi develops emergency alert devices for both everyday and adventure use. Designed  by Peter J Woods in November 2017 the Handi SOS has already gained the reputation of being the World’s Safest Button. In the end you can never be too prepared.  

Handi was pioneered by London born Peter J. Woods who invented the SOS device during the winter of 2017. Within four months of development Handi SOS was released to the public. It has since taken personal safety outlets including extreme sports by storm.

A fundamental of Handi is to improve upon personal safety through current and future technology with an aim to safeguard those most vulnerable.

Handi the world's safest button, a panic alarm that syncs directly with your mobile device. It equips individuals with the ability to call for aid at the touch of a device. Relaying locational data and navigation to selected in case of an emergency contacts.


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Handi SOS For IOS Safety Location Sender Button, White
more colours available

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