Jetboil represent the pinnacle of outdoor cooking systems with a range of high-efficiency camp stoves founded on cold-weather performance and cutting edge design. 

Jetboil founders, Dwight Aspinwall and Perry Dowst have worked to refine their product for over 15 years, crafting a line of cooking systems that stand up to the rigours of the outdoors environment.  Developed with the outdoor enthusiast in mind each Jetboil product is subjected to intense testing in both lab and field to ensure it delivers performance and reliability in all weathers to make it the perfect product for climbers, hikers, anglers, surfers and backcountry explorers alike. 

Their tried and tested designs feature consistent flame performance regardless of fuel level for rapid water-boiling and cooking no matter the season. From the lightweight FlashLite personal cooking system to the super-compact backpacker's MicroMo each design gives you complete control of your cooking experience with maximum heat transfer efficiency for speed and reliability with increased cold-weather performance.

The camp stove forms an essential part of any hiking and camping adventure.  So whether you're winding down after a long day on the crag or waking up to the dawn chorus, Jetboil provides a world-class camping stove that won't keep you waiting.      


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Jetboil Silicone Coffee Press French Press Accessory, Grande
more colours available

Jetboil Coffee Press French Press Accessory

Save 9%
Jetboil MicroMo Compact Hiking Stove 0.8L Carbon
more colours available

Jetboil MicroMo Compact Hiking Stove

Save 16%
Jetboil Flash 2.0 Backpacking Stove System, 1L Matrix
more colours available

Jetboil Flash 2.0 Backpacking Stove System

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Jetboil Summit Skillet Compact Camping Frying Pan, OS Black/Orange
more colours available

Jetboil Summit Skillet Compact Camping Frying Pan

Save 4%

Viewing 4 out of 4