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Leatherman make some of the finest quality multi tools on the market.  Built to last and with the tools coming with a 25 year guarantee.  Devoted to quality, founder Tim Leatherman is that proud that he has put his name on every tool.

Since 1983 when Tim Leatherman founded the company, they have been making tools that can endure just about anything, survive and come back to work tomorrow. Starting out from Portland Oregon with a single PST survivor tool and transforming over 30 years with more than 30 models.

The company is made up of campers, hunters, fishermen, bikers and many more and as a result products aren't just tested in the factory, they are tested in real situations by employees on bike trails, hunting stand and camp sites to ensure that the quality remains perfect with every product.

Offering more than 30 models of tools ranging from full size multi tools such as the charger, wave & sidekick which can feature over 10 tools and fit for all kinds of jobs, to smaller pocket size tools & knifes which feature handy little tools such as bottle openers & screwdrivers plus many more.

Leatherman are extremely proud of the quality of their products that all tools come with an amazing 25 year guarantee, this means you know its going to last.

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