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Nortec are committed to building top-quality walking aids and traction devises which cater to the most dedicated outdoor sporting enthusiasts. 

Nortek have a heritage in alpine safety, hiking and walking aids that goes all the way back to 1979, when Enrico Granzotto founded craft company Granzotto Snc in the mountainous Province of Treviso in Northern Italy. Noticing the growing popularity of alpine tourism and mountain walking, Granzotto also recognised an increasing demand for reliable walking and climbing equipment. He therefore set out to build high-quality walking aids to promote safe movement over rough terrain and icy conditions so prevalent in the mountains.

In 1996, building on Granzotto Snc’s decades of experience in alpine safety and metalworking, a new company called Turtles is formed. They begin production of the world’s first shoe chains, as well as a first full-fledged shoe claw with metal tips to satisfy the most demanding outdoor enthusiasts – the micro crampon. Turtles is then acquired by new company, NORTEC Sport Gmbh in 2012. Since then, Nortec have continued to evolve innovate, and expand upon Granzotto’s legacy of high-quality sporting safety equipment. They are now world leaders in producing reliable walking aids and traction devises catering to winter sports and outdoor pursuits, including walking, racing, trail running and mountaineering.


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Nortec Trail Ultralight Micro Crampons, Small (UK 3.5-5) Orange
more colours available

Nortec Trail Ultralight Micro Crampons

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