Ortovox is a world leader in backcountry and avalanche safety equipment, specializing in making the most technologically advanced tranceivers and probes on the market.

In 1980 Gerald Kampel and Jürgen Wegner developed the first double frequency transceiver, ORTOVOX F2 for searching avalanche victims. Until then all avalanche transceivers in use would send and receive in different frequencies (2, 275kHz and 457 kHz). This would often lead to fatal avalanche accidents when victims could not be found quickly enough due to differences in frequency. The F2 can send and receive on both frequencies and is received with enthusiasm. Within 2 years it became number one on the market.

Today Ortovox are still very much market leaders when it comes to transeivers, probes and mountain safety equipment. They continue to improve their products year after year, and their products are used by mountain rescue staff worldwide.

We are main suppliers for ORTOVOX mountain safety equipment. We have the full range of Ortovox transceivers, Ortovox snow shovels, avalanche probes and mountain safety gear - including Ortovox backpacks. We supply Ortovox Merino wool thermals and thermal underwear in men's and women's sizes. We have Ortovox thermal shirts pants and long johns in ouir range of thermal base layers..

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