Palmer was founded in 1995 by one of the BIG names: Shaun Palmer. Palmer snowboards and skis are amongst the best out there.  Palmer have a reputation for design innovation - check put the Palmer Honeycomb with, you guessed it, light weight honeycomb construction.  Palmer have a reputation for leading edge materials - checkout the 100% carbon fibre Palmer Platinum.  Palmer have a race winning reputation - checkout the Palmer Crown.  Of course, the Palmer line up also include a full range of more everyday snowboards suitable for any rider and any budget.

With Shaun Palmer behind Palmer you can be sure that their snowboards are some of the best out there. Although slightly more expensive than others, Palmer snowboards offer guaranteed quality and are the most durable on the market.

Palmer snowboards are packed with reasons which will ensure you will not regret buying one. Here are just a couple:

Prepeg: Palmer is one of a handful of snowboard companies to use Prepreg, or pre-impregnated fibers, in its snowboards. This computer-controlled process impregnates fiber fabrics with epoxy resin, eliminating the irregular hand application of liquid resin at the press itself. The result is the highest strength-to-weight ratio and the quickest, cleanest power transmission - and why the aircraft and space industries use Prepreg!

Honeycomb, Carbon and Titanium: You won't find finer materials on the market. All offer the highest strength and the lowest weight, not to mention dynamic performance, stability, speed and durability.

Palmer Snowboard's philosophy is uncompromising: to build the highest performance, highest quality and most innovative boards available. Quality is Palmer's highest priority from the first stage of development at the drawing board to the very last, when a board is in the customer's hands.

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