Polaroid Eyewear have been manufacturing sunglasses for over 80 years and are a pioneering company in the production and design of polarized lenses.  Ideal for skiing and snowboarding, polarized lenses will provide you with better protection when on or around snow.

Polaroid eyewear design and create glare free sunglasses that offer supreme UV protection, excellent vision quality and have amazing build quality.  For over 80 years, Polaroid have been creating these products and have perfected their art and continue to manufacture sunglasses that are loved all the world over.  With the mantra of wanting people to see more in the world, Polaroid refuse to charge extra for polarized lenses and aim to allow everybody to have access to better vision.  

The foundations of Polaroid began in the mid 1920's when Edwin Land dropped out of Harvard University to pursue his dreams.  He left for the bright lights of New York city with no funds but a head full of innovative ideas.

In 1929 Edwin after sneaking into University labs to validate his ideas, he patented his invention of modern filters to polarize light and went forward to produce them in sunglasses, car headlights and photography.  In 1937 he founded the Polaroid Corporation that produced one of the most revolutionary products of recent memory - the instant camera.  The findings and research that Edwin Land conducted are still used as the basis of how Polarized lenses are manufactured at Polaroid Eyewear today and are still designed with the same passion as they were in 1937.


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Polaroid Buzzard Bronze Polarized Sunglasses, Dark Havana
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Polaroid Buzzard Polarized Sunglasses

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Polaroid Hayle Grey Polarized Sunglasses, Grey
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Polaroid Hayle Polarized Sunglasses


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