From the gym to the mountains this British made active skin restorer uses 100% natural ingredients to speed up the rate of recovery and get you back in the game faster.

ProBalm represent the very best extreme skincare balm on the market.  Their tried and tested design is founded on four simple rules:

- Only 100% natural ingredients.

- Handmade in the UK.

- No compromise on quality.

- No fillers or rubbish

The 100% natural ingredients include: raw beeswax, herbs, essential oils (grape seed, jojoba, comfrey infused almond oil) and a healthy helping of vitamin E.  Their Puck and Midi Puck slip inside a pocket or pack keeping them close to hand for a quick top up on the go.

ProBalm gives you performance skincare repair and restorative balm to guard from the wear and tear of climbing, biking and kayaking to the dry climate damage of alpine wintersports and so much more beyond. 


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ProBalm Stik Lip Balm, 5ml Mint
more colours available

ProBalm Stik Lip Balm

ProBalm Repair and Recovery Balm Skin Care Salve, 30g
more colours available

Viewing 2 out of 2