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Shoes for those who are passionate about climbing. Red Chili work to build the most perfect climbing footwear on the planet, with the ethos 'Only climbers know what climbers need' can you argue with them.

Red Chili are one of the best in climbing shoe manufacturers. No matter what type of rock climbing you are doing, Bouldering, Indoor, Sport, Trad, Big Wall, these comfortable stylish shoes will make sure you climb hard. Sausalito, Matador climbing equipment Chalk Bags, Slackline, crash pads. 

The company was started by Stefan Glowacz and Uwe Hofstädter in 1996 when the pair were climbing the west face of El Cap the pair both complained about the shoe they were wearing as the pain in their feet was taking the fun out of climbing. The pair had a vision of the perfect climbing shoe the vision turned into a crazy plan to design the shoe by using their years of climbing experience Glowacz and Hofstädter created Red Chili to give climbers exactly what they needed.

The Basic idea that "only climbers know what climbers need!" is still the backbone of the design process at Red Chili everything is made by climbers with climbers in mind.

Sizing systems can vary between brands.  While US to UK size conversion can be fairly straightforward, UK to European size conversion is often rounded to the nearest half-size which is where confusion can arise.  Throw Japanese linear measure and Mondopoint into the mix and it can be quite the challenge to convert from one measurement accurately to another.

As an online company, we value the importance of providing you with the most up to date fit and sizing information to ensure you find the perfect fit the first time.  As such, all our size conversion charts are checked regularly and updated based on manufacturer's guidelines and recommendations.

Think we're missing key info?  Let us know and we'll take care of it.

*Chart based on Red Chili rock climbing shoe size guides

US Men2.5 3.5 44.555.566.577.588.599.51010.51111.51212.51313.514151617

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Red Chili Jamrock Crack Climbing Gloves, Small Black / Red
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Red Chili Jamrock Crack Climbing Gloves

Red Chili Adult Unisex Erbse Climbing Short Sleeve T-Shirt, M Shark Blue
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Red Chili Erbse Climbing Short Sleeve T-Shirt

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