Rhino Skin solutions provide you with a means to enhance your climbing performance. Balms, salves and sprays featuring non-greasy skincare, non-aluminium antiperspirants equip your skin for the send.   

Developed at the iconic Smith Rock, Oregon, Rhino products have been created to provide relief for worn sore hands.

Climbing is hard, really hard, on your body and on your skin. Rhino balms and salves have been formulated by both a pharmacist and chef with essential active ingredients to help renew and revitalise sore hands.

Skin is at the heart of climbing, it provides the friction you require to complete a send. As a result, poor skin and really compromise your project. Rhino has since expanded it range of skin products creating unique treatments to maintain, enhance and aid in the recovery of not only your skin but muscles. 

Rhino products have been formulated on the backbone of sporting professionals and enthusiasts from a range of disciplines. From Alpine, Sport and Traditional Climbers, to Skiers Yoga instructors and doctors - Rhino products are there to enhance your sporting performance. 

The principles of Rhino are simple and date back to those initial days out by Smith Rock. Products that prevent splits, care that revitalises cracked dry skin and solutions to enhance your performance to the pinnacle of your sport. 


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Rhino Massage Rock Climbing Skin Care, 100ml N/a
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Rhino Massage Rock Climbing Skin Care

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