Robens deliver on their promise of pure outdoor passion with a range of award winning designs in tents and camping equipment.   

From lightweight trail tents for the solo trekker to base-camp tipis for family adventures, Robens innovative and performance-driven shelters balance comfort with the highest quality materials.

Their Lite Range Tents find a dedicated following among backcountry travellers looking for an ultra-lite design with minimal pack size At the other end of the scale, their Outback Range offers larger polycotton basecamp shelters made for groups looking for comfort-driven car-camping adventures.

Robens blend technical knowledge with first-hand experience to create versatile, durable and above all reliable camping equipment with which to enhance your journey in the outdoors From shady woodland groves and winding river valleys to the foothills and windswept mountain peaks, Robens balance of traditional aesthetic style with cutting-edge, weather-resistant fabrics gives you confidence to meet the challenges of any location.      

Each Robens tent is a result of a pure passion for the outdoors.  As the benchmark of European design and innovation, Robens give you quality, reliability, functional performance, and value for money.

Check out Robens camping and outdoor gear for 2020!

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