Rome SDS - Snowboard Design Syndicate - Rome was founded on the idea of riders having a voice in their passion—and having all types of riders contribute designs into the Syndicate. 

Rome was created in 2001 to be a brand that ties into the "cultural foundation" of snowboarding.  Both co-founders of Rome believe that snowboarding continues to be rooted in the pursuit of fun on snow, which has been over shadowed in recent years. From day 1, this philosophy has helped Rome to grow into the big brand it is today.

Rome produce a huge variety of goods. Their snowboards, bindings and boots ooze quality and with a range of snowboarding equipment, you can be sure to find a snowboarding product which suits your needs and wallet!

For your time on the mountain, Rome design and produce premium snowboard jackets and pants, bags, accessories and much more. All of which share the quality of Rome's snowboards, boots and bindings.

Rome can also equip you for you time off the mountain with casual clothes such as hoodies, t-shirts and more bags.

Whatever you choose to buy from Rome, you won't regret it!

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