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SnowKart make 'Transformer' snowboard bags, ski bags, boot bags and luggage designed to be adaptable and versatile for the demanding snowboarder or skier.  The bags can be transformed for different users by zipping on or off sections to suit specific needs - very clever!

SnoKart are based locally to us here in Hemel Hempstead and we are very pleased to support and promote such high quality bags from one of our neighbours. SnowKart ski and snowboard bags are second to none, with some fantastic design innovations. The Snow Kart modular design and construction lets you clip together different component bags to make one big bag - or you can use the individual component bags by themselves, making snow cart one of the most innovative ski and snowboard carry systems on the market.


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SnoKart Kargo 40 Case Travel Bag/Holdall, 40L Black
more colours available

SnoKart Kargo 40 Case Travel Bag/Holdall


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