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Founded in 1946 by Börje Gabrielsson in Norway, Swix was the first producer of modern ski wax, and had a scientific approach to the challenge.

Innovators within the industry, their wax was colour-coded according to type, a practice which has since been adopted by the entire ski wax industry.  Because synthetic waxes were colourless, tasteless and odourless, Swix added pigments, with warm reddish colours for warm wet snow and cool blue-green colours for cold dry snow. The principle was simple enough: soft waxes, with low melting temperature around 110°C, were very hydrophobic and worked well for wet snow, especially when the snow crystals had gone soft and round; hard waxes, with melting temperatures around 140°C, were less hydrophobic but resisted penetration by the hard sharp corners of cold snow crystals. You could blend the soft and hard waxes to cover intermediate conditions.

Swix has continued to grow and now produce a wide range of premium waxes and tuning equipment that are renowned worldwide!


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Meltdown Sale
Swix 5 Pack Snowboard Ski Cleaning Wipes Remove Wax
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Swix 5 Pack Snowboard Ski Cleaning Wipes

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