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Camping & backpacking meal pouches made with real food that's ready to eat - hot or cold, no matter where you are!

Founded in 1993 and brought into the Vango fold, Wayfarer offers a wide variety of ready to eat main meal pouches for outdoor enthusiasts. High-quality Wayfayrer single pouch meals help nourish and replenish energy levels to see you through a big day on the trail.

Catering to a broad range of tastes and preferences, Wayfarer offers hearty vegetarian meals, filling breakfasts and delicious desserts all sealed in a durable 4-layer laminate foil pouch designed to protect the meal for up to 3 years.

The four-layer pouch features a protective polyester outer shell backed by a puncture resistant nylon layer. Behind this, a layer of aluminium forms a barrier against light, moisture and oxygen to ensure a long shelf-life and food quality. A final layer of food grade polypropylene rounds out the design. 

Each tasty, pre-cooked meal is nutritionally balanced, easy to carry, simple to prepare and can be served hot or eaten cold.  The specially designed pouch can be placed directly into boiling water and used to eat from, so apart from your fork, no washing up required!

Wayfarer - a trusted name in tasty, high-energy nutrition for outdoor adventurers and expedition teams.

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