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Yeti offers world-class outdoor equipment crafted for all-season performance from destination camping to alpine expedition...  

With over 30 years of experience, Yeti leads the way in technical down sleeping bags.  Their Crystal Down™ insulation has been carefully curated from the finest and most voluminous European down to deliver the highest fill power and mixing ratio - all backed by the highest of ethical standards and practices.

The nature of high-quality down rests in fill power and mixing ratio.  Fill power - or loft - relates to the natural elasticity of the keratin inside the down; the value of which is measured by putting 28g of down in a standardised container and loading it with a standard weight.  The volume that the down retains under this weight informs the fill power in cubic inches (CUIN) with a higher fill power providing greater loft and therefore insulating properties.

Mixing ratio describes the ratio of down and other elements (such as feathers) in percentage of total weight.  Higher proportions of down deliver greater warmth with lighter overall weight and compressibility.  For instance, the Yeti Fever Ultra (medium) contains 100g of down fill; the ratio of which is 95/5 (95g of down/5g feathers).  In this way, Yeti ensure their every sleeping bag receives the highest quality down insulation for your sleeping comfort.

Yeti is dedicated to ethical standards of conduct and animal welfare throughout their supply chain.  The Yeti Ethical Down Code was established to ensure their natural down component is sourced in accord with the European Down & Feather Association (EDFA) with a zero-tolerance policy for any infraction.

You can be sure that your Yeti sleeping bag not only performs to the highest standard of quality but that the natural down fill is sourced using the most rigorous of checks and third party monitoring.

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