York Fitness

York Fitness are the “Strongest Name in Fitness,” developing, manufacturing and distributing innovative products with the aim of improving mental wellbeing as well as keeping you in great shape. 

York Fitness is a York Barbell brand. 

The York Barbell Company was founded in 1932 by the “Father of World Weightlifting” Bob Hoffman, who would go on to change the weightlifting and equipment development industry forever. Attached to the company was the York Barbell Club, winners of numerous national championships and Olympic gold medals between the 1930s and 1970s. However, Hoffman championed the importance of good physical fitness amongst the general public and the military and began to develop innovative and user-friendly training equipment and products for both residential and commercial use.

Today, York Fitness is a worldwide brand that continues to develop, manufacture, and distribute a range of exercise equipment and products that improve both mental wellbeing and fitness amongst consumers of all levels and abilities. York continues to pride itself on its unsurpassed professionalism, quality of service and standard of its diverse range of products. 

York Fitness Neo Hex Dumbbells/Weights, 1.5kg Black
more colours available