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zai does not follow trends or traditions. zai goes its own way uncompromisingly. With innovative, creative design concepts, novel material combinations and an elaborate production technology. Even the machines in the manufactory were designed to meet the high demands of zai. zai constantly redefines the limits of modern ski production.

zai is the world leader in the use of new and revolutionary materials in ski production. Many of the materials they use are developed and patented by zai. Cut apart a zai ski (not that easy!) And you will discover different and exotic materials such as granite, cedar, vulcanized rubber, felt or leash. zai combines these in an innovative way, achieving a level of quality, use and durability that far exceeds that of conventional skis.

These Ski's are super premium, handmade winter sports products We stock key ski models from Zai and worldwide delivery is no problem.


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Zai Stone Skis, 155cm Stone
more colours available

Zai Stone Skis

Zai Rubber Skis, 176cm Black
more colours available


Zai Wood Skis, 150cm Wood
more colours available

Zai Wood Skis

Viewing 3 out of 3