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The AK range is Burton's premium line of snowboard outerwear - made with only the best materials and production processes, with features such as Gore-Tex throughout, AK gear will keep you warm and dry, even in the depths of the Alaskan backcountry.

Designed for the most brutal conditions on earth, [ak] outerwear is the only thing riders like Jussi Oksanen, John Jackson, Terje Haakonsen, Jeremy Jones and Kimmy Fasani trust to keep them warm, dry and comfortable for long days in the backcountry where the weather can change in a minute. John and Kimmy took a trip out to Delaware to see what kind of tests GORE-TEX® is put through and how Burton works with GORE-TEX® to push the limits of waterproof style and design.

Outerwear designer Dan Jenkins hooked us up with a little more info on [ak] including the testing process and what makes [ak] so gnarly—it’s not just a bracketed name either.

What separates [ak] outerwear from the rest of the Burton line?
[ak] cloaks you from head to toe in top-shelf, best-in-class materials for protection against the elements, no matter what the weather. The engineered snowboard-specific [ak] patterns allows for ultimate articulation for easy movement in key zones, while still keeping a fresh style that can be run at the hill or walking to the local pub in the cold rain, sleet and snow.

What type of rider is [ak] outerwear geared towards?
[ak] is geared for anybody looking for the best-in-class snow gear. For those who expect nothing less than staying comfortable, warm, and dry while shredding, sledding and hiking for hours on end in the worst Mother Nature has to drum up.

What benefits does GORE-TEX® provide for snowboarders and why does [ak] use GORE-TEX® throughout the entire line?
GORE-TEX®‘s provides some of the greatest breathability and waterproofing in the textile industry. Partnering with nothing less than the best for [ak], GORE-TEX® will keep you dry in all conditions. This is why GORE-TEX® spans the line of [ak] outerwear.

How does the fit of [ak] outerwear benefit a snowboarder?
The [ak] fit gives ultimate articulation for ultimate freedom of movement for body and limbs, in all directions. The jackets and pants are articulated to help contour to movements that are common while snowboarding, including articulated stance through the knees and hips, jackets that flex correctly while strapping in, or hanging and swinging from branches before descending those ultimate tight tree lines. The fit also is something a snowboarder would wear both on and off the hill, with a longer length, not the typical belly shirt jackets that are all too common in the market.

What steps are taken to ensure that [ak] outerwear is ready for any kind of weather?
[ak] outerwear is made from a variety of the most durable GORE-TEX® fabrics, along with bomber-proof construction and closures. It’s tested year-round by a team of testers and professionals—[ak] constantly is under the microscope to ensure that every [ak] product produced stands up to the highest standards.

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