Bought these because I was fed up of landing on my hip whenever I took a tumble. Took them to an indoor slope to try out and they worked well, until I took a hard slam and missed the padding, but hey there's only so much they can do right?


Bought these because I was fed up of landing on my hip whenever I took a tumble. Took them to an indoor slope to try out and they worked well, until I took a hard slam and missed the padding, but hey there's only so much they can do right?

Saves aches and pains

As a clumsy, relative beginner to snowboarding, I spend a lot of time crashing in new and imaginative ways. These pants meant that my coccyx wasn't one of the places that hurt. Well judged, not too baggy, so they don't show up like you're some sort of nappy-wearer, they take a lot of the heat out of crashes, plus form an extra waterproofing barrier when you take a well-deserved sit-down. They could have been a little tighter, (I'm a 32w 34l and I got the large), but the drawstrings, etc., mean they fit well enough to do the job, and aren't a distraction. Well worth the investment.

Protection without restriction

I've tried other impact shorts for snow boarding and they were overkill. These offer reasonable protection without being too restrictive or uncomfortable.

Invisible Coccyx Protection

I wanted a snug fitting, comfortable protection pant for under snowboard pants that wouldn't bulk out my kit. Sceptical st first sight and first fitting as the rear waistband feels quite low. The pants are supper snug, but I have large thighs. Skinny jeans are not my thing! The drawerstring belt felt rather low cost & insecure and I almost sent them back. ......however they were a good fit under pants even tho they felt snug, and I know they're a good brand so took the plunge and wore them. Once on the slopes I'd forgotten they were there. Six days ridding and a machine wash and they're in good nick. Saved my ass on the couple of childish falls that trip so would highly recommend. Good level of padding, plenty of it whilst staying snug. Much better fit than my previously flappy pair of last ten years. Hope these last as long.

Demon Flex Force

Provides protection from impact

Decent protection

if you're new to snowboarding, likelihood is you will fall over. a lot. The coccyx protection is the strongest bit, the side protection is probably as padded as it can be before it becomes uncomfortable to wear, I landed on that section a couple of times and although it was a bit painful I imagine without them it would've been a lot worse. Would highly recommend.

Great product

Saved my butt on more than one occasion

Good value

These impact shorts did the job I expected them to. The sizing was a little off as they were loose on the thigh but other than that a great buy.

Unbeatable value

Its perfectly does the job. You wont even notice wearing it, unless you have a fall. Gives you the protection what you need out there on the mountain or on the dryslope. Saved me for a broken hipbone several times

Good price

for a good price you can get really good quality and protection. Highly recommended.

Didn't feel a thing!

Well, as a new snowboarder, it was a good idea that I invested in a pair of shorts as learning to snowboard without an instructor is dangerous business! I can't remember the amount of times I fell over however, I was no more sore for it thanks to these shorts. Very highly recommended. Only downside is that the slip a little but it's a minor thing against a good fit and protection.

Don't leave home without them

I would have broken my coccyx without them. Essential for snowboarders

Demon Flex Force PRO SHORTS

We have 3 pairs of these- one for me, one for my wife and one for my son. We have tried other shorts but these provide the best protection for snowboarding. They are light, flexible and offer very good protection.

A definite must

I have been snowboarding twice now and for my second trip I thought it would be best to get some kind of protection, these shorts not only protected me from almost every fall but I forgot that they were even on. They work as a double for comfort under your snow pants and you also don't get bruised at the end of your trip!

Really useful for adaptive skiing

I bought these for my husband, who is a sit skier. They were perfect for protecting the body parts without much padding, making sit skiing far more comfortable for him. My guess is that, while I don't ski hard enough to need them, my kids will no doubt be utilising them in the future too!

Brilliant padded shorts

I used these shorts for a week's snowboarding, and as a beginner, knew I'd be falling. The shorts are brilliant. I fell heavily and never felt a thing. They also keep you warm, as I spent quite a bit of time sitting down. I highly recommend these shorts!

impact shorts

Got these for my daughter for when she does freestyle on a dry slope. Lots of padding and hard parts too, has stopped painful slams.

Great value!

Bought these before heading off to Canada for a snowboarding holiday. Picked the size based on the sizing chart and found it to be pretty accurate as they fit well. They're quite comfy and provide a decent amount of protection for he price. In addition they add that little bit of extra warmth when sitting on the snow! Definitely a good buy at the price.

Definitely recommend

Noice snowboarded so still falling a lot and the best compliment I pay these is that i never notice they are on or really and my backside isn't black and blue. The only minor niggle is that the coccyx guard falls out quite easily when you take them off and for the first few minutes of wear it feels quite noticeable. Overall though very impressed for the modest price

Great for snowboarding beginners.

These impact shorts are great for learning to snowboard. They offer the reassurance that if you fall on your bum, it won't hurt that much!! They're not too bulky, so fit under board pants quite nicely. Highly recommend these.


Good fit, feel good, and offered a good level of protection for the price.

Impact shorts

Bought these shorts for snowboarding this year My previous shorts had d30 impact pad in coccyx area but I fell heavily on my first day last year and definitely injured my coccyx Pretty much ruined the first couple of days so was keen to find better protection The demon shorts are superb and even with heavy impacts I had no problems or pain at all Fantastic product

Great for impact.

My 2nd week snowboarding and these shorts did the job very well

Demon flex force impact shorts

brouht for my wife she is pleased with them says beter than her last pair worn for 2 full weeks so far

Demon flex force impact shorts

been realy pleased with these used for 3 full weeks so far comfortable and easy to wash

indispensible item for new boarders

My first days boarding were accompanied by quite a few falls, mostly on my butt. Got these and the difference was incredible, didnt stop me falling but took the pain out of learning!!!

Demon flex force pro great value for money

Lightweight and comfortable great value for the price

Tailbone saviour

These are great value for money if you are a beginner on your bum most of the time or if you do freestyle, good protection all around ur bum cheeks and tailbone and padding on the hips. And a massive plus is u can sit anywhere and you are comfi. The only bad thing about these shorts is the pull tie at the front as it comes loose when ur boarding but u can allways remove it and tie them up. All in all id say they are worth every penny!

impact shorts

Bought these as was getting back into boarding and wanted to try out the jumps rails and half pipe at our resort. These are are must in my opinion, protect your rear, give you confidence and keep you warm when sitting on the snow.

Pretty good

Very comfy although would prefer elasticated waist than drawstring. Love them though!

Great protection for a good price

I love snowboarding but I have lower back problems and they get worse when I hit my tailbone. Therefore I was looking for something to protect my tailbone from injuries and these impact shorts did the job perfectly. They are very comfy, easy to put on, not visible under my snowboard pants, the tailbone protection could be a little bit higher in my opinion but that´s a matter of preference and they are for a good price too.

Defence priests on 4 from 5

This defence very well gets along at the function, quickly to dress and take off, well fits closely to the body. A defect is in durability of plastins, but for such price it is an excellent variant!

Good tail bone protection!

I had a thicker pair of impact pants and was looking for something more streamline so I didn't look like Michelin Man each time I went boarding. These fit much better under ski pants and the extra long curving tail bone protective pad was a welcome relief as a fairly new boarder. Only thing I really didn't like was the draw string top on the pants that actually sits lower than the top of the pants. I'm think g about threading my own elastic band through to make it more comfortable. Overall they have given me good protection when I have fallen on my backside or hips. I would recommend these impact pants.

Awesome bit of protection!

Exactly as described. Nice low profile but really big pad around my bum bone which is what I need! I actually use them when wakeboarding at the cable (and removed all but the bum bone protection) but have the same pair for the mountain. Def recommend.

Safe and Warm

Nice impact shorts. Padding where it counts and nice and toasty too. Large was a little too big for me and I am a normal large size. Nothing too drastic though.

Nice and comfy

A bit small in size (due to padding) but comfortable to wear with well placed protection and good padding. Good quality in materials and workmanship, only drawback I have found is that I would have liked a bit more padding on the rear (as a beginner snowboarder I prefer to sit in the snow and rest every now and then :-)

Great Protection!

Hit the slopes hard for a week in Feb, didn't feel a thing despite many falls! Great product! Fit nicely under my already non-baggy trousers.

Great price for great product

This is really discrete to have on underneath your pants but works a treat! Would highly recommend it to any first time boarder'

Sound purchase

Got these shorts for my first snowboarding trip, and they were a great purchase. First couple of days spent falling over, these really came into their own preventing me picking up any niggling injuries, and allowed me to continue boarding for the whole week. The padding which runs all the way down the back of the shorts is great for protecting the coccyx. the shorts offer great padding without being bulky.

Awesome Impact Shorts

Movement good, comfort on snow good, didn't interfere with my boarding, have straps either side to pull them up. Could do with braces, otherwise perfect. And great recommendation from Absolute snow too. Unsure ? Visit them in Hemel and try the kit on, that's what I did.

No Bruises...

A Must for your Behind. Great Value. Great Product. Highly Recommended...

Good Value Impact Shorts

These are my first pair of impact shorts so difficult to compare them, but for the price i would say they are well worth purchasing. They certainly helped keep the knocks at bay! The only downside I have found is that the rear pad rides up which gets a litle annoying, but keeping the drawstrings tight helps prevent this from happening too often.

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