Awesome, if a little oversized.

Having now had a chance to wear these boots in varying degrees of wetness, cold and snow, I can confirm they are most definitely the dogs dangly bits for keeping your feet warm, cosy and dry, even at -15 in 2 feet of snow. Mega grippy too. The only complaint I have with them and the reason I only give them 4 stars is that the boot itself runs about a size too big and the liner although being tight to get into, runs about a half size too big. I find wearing an extra pair of thick socks does the job and haven't experienced mega sweaty feet which was a surprise as they are soooo warm. They are a large boot but not overly heavy, the overall size does make them quite clumsy, driving a manual car is out the window but automatic seems to be fine (my subaru outback is, although cars with less room in the footwell may be difficult). Monster trucks for your feet, no finesse but will stomp through pretty much anything, most definitely not a hiking boot due in part to the clumsiness although I would quite happily walk for miles in slushy snow with these beasties on. Look great too. I would definitely buy another pair but a size smaller.

Sorel Caribou Wool Men's Snow Boots UK 10.0 Black

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