Great backpack! Expensive but great!

Recenty purchased this for two reasons: 1. I was going boarding and needed a pack for the slopes 2. I travel alot so wanted something reliable and hard wearing. So far this pack has been great and has proven very comfortable and user friendly, the opening bottom to the top is great! The pack is waterproof and has loads of room inside. It can easily carry my 13" Dell XPS and other crap I lug around. The only thing I don't like is how easily it gets dirty, though it being orange doesn't help I guess? All in all a great pack I would recommend!

Good but not the best

Good bag to carry away and to keep covered your helmet.

Has another use!

I bought my helmet bag not for a ski helmet but my new Masuri cricket helmet. It is perfect and keeps it nice and safe in my cricket bag!

Good to have

After many years of my old helmet being bashed and scratched in transit to the slopes, I thought I would invest in some protection for my new ski helmet. This is a well made protective bag and at a reasonable price.

Manbi Fleece Ski Helmet Bag, One Size, Black

We send simply super, fine fellows so to hold.Thank you

Works ok and is useful

This is just a nice bag to keep your lid, goggles and bits in to keep it from scratching. No real protection but good for storage and protecting the finish on your lid when chucking it in your bag.

Simple yet effective

Nice little drawstring bag that protects your helmet. Thick cushioning material protects the contents against bumps and scrapes and is lovely and soft as well.

Thule Upslope Ski Snowboard Backpack 35L Dark Shadow

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