ABS Systems

The ABS airbag avalanche safety system has revolutionised avalanche safety by using cutting edge design to make the mountains safe and secure. All ABS airbag base units, such as the Vario base unit come with detachable bag sections that are unique to that model, so make sure you choose the correct one for you base unit! If you buy a Vario base unit, you will need to go for the ABS Vario line of detachable backpacks. Similarly, if you choose the powder line of backpacks from ABS airbags, then you will need to buy a Powder base unit. We also stock ABS avalanche airbag systems activation units. Steel activation units in stock, Lightweight carbon activation units now in stock and ABS wireless activation units is stock. We also have the ABS summer base unit to turn your backpack into a lightweight trekking bag if you want to.

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