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Magnetraction Snowboards

Magnetraction is the name given to the wave pattern you get on some snowboard edges. It is a useful feature on reverse camber snowboards because it gives them more grip, bite and edge control. Without magnetraction some reverse camber snowboards would be difficult to ride because it is the magnetraction which enables their edges to really engage with the snow.Magnetraction edges have strategically located and sized ridges along each side of the snowboard. The biggest ridges are between your feet where your balance is centred, adding maximum control and power where you need it most. The ridges outside your feet are smaller and less aggressive, providing tip and tail control, while maintaining freestyle freedom. Another neat feature of Magnetraction is the fact that you can run your edges de-tuned, but still have loads of grip - this makes hitting boxes and rails much easier!

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GNU Young Money Hybrid Camber Snowboard, 135cm 2020
more colours available

GNU Young Money Hybrid Camber Snowboard

Save 30%
Rossignol Frenemy Women's Hybrid Camber Snowboard 144cm 2020
more colours available

Rossignol Frenemy Women's Hybrid Camber Snowboard

Save 49%
Jones Dream Catcher Women's Hybrid Camber Snowboard, 142cm 2022
more colours available

Jones Dream Catcher Women's Hybrid Camber Snowboard


Viewing 3 out of 3