January Sale 2022


It does not have to be very cold to justify the purchase of a snowboard or ski balaclava. Skiing balaclavas are really useful when the snow comes down because they keep all of the snow off your face, not just your head. With a hood on your jacket and a decent pair of goggles a ski balaclava can help you stay on the slopes when others have returned to the bar. OK, you like being in the bar too but heavy snow can fall for days at a time. Daytimes are for snowboarding and skiing; evenings are for the bar!

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Armada Harken Snowboard/Ski Balaclava, One Size Camo
more colours available

Armada Harken Snowboard/Ski Balaclava

Save 30%
Buff Microfibre Balaclava Head Wear, One Size Solid Black
more colours available

Buff Microfibre Balaclava Head Wear

Save 30%

Viewing 2 out of 2