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Men's / Unisex

Men's ski boots. All the ski boots listed on this page are men's ski boots, suitable for men, boys and male skiers of all ability levels. Men's ski boots can be worn by women too so they have unisex appeal. The main differences between men's and women's ski boots tends to be the colours, the graphics (some women's ski boots have girlie graphics) and the height of the leg section of the boot. Women's boots tend to be a little shorter in the leg simply because women's legs also tend to be just a little shorter.
Atomic Hawx Magna 130 S Men's Ski Boots, 28/28.5 Black/Red 2020
more colours available

Atomic Hawx Magna 130 S Men's Ski Boots

Head Edge LYT 130 Ski Boots, 28/28.5 Black/White 2020
more colours available

Head Edge LYT 130 Ski Boots