Crab Grab Skate Rails Snowboard Stomp Pad

Crab Grab Skate Rails Snowboard Stomp Pad

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Extra grippy rails inspired by classic skateboard designs to help style out & tweak grabs. They also double up as a stomp pad!
Colour: Green / black
Brand Colour:Green/Black
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Crab Grab have made the snowboard stomp pad cool once again! The Skate Rails are designed to be stuck along the edge of your snowboard to give you extra grip to help you tweak those grabs and make them look super stylish! These can also be positioned to double up as a stomp pad for when you're riding with one foot out of your bindings.

While most stomp pads are made from rubber, Crab Grab firmly believe that foam is the future. The C-Foam compresses, unlike rubber stomp pads, to fill the grip spaces in your boot sole to create a super solid bond.

Crab Grab believe that a man should be measured by the style of his grabs and not by how many times he can flip off one jump. Skate Rails are designed to be stuck anywhere on your board to give you precise one footed control and a crab like grip to style out great tweaks and end hand slippage everywhere. So slap these on your board, catch some air, grab, and tweak til those bindings squeak!

Pack contains 2 Skate Rails - stick them wherever you like!

The Lowdown
  • Design: includes fake screws made to look real
  • C-Foam: uses Grab Crab's specially formulated rubbery foam that is both lightweight and durable
  • Screw glue: glued on so well you'll think it's screwed on

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