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DPS Phantom 2.0 Snowboard/Ski Permanent Treatment Base Glide Service

DPS Phantom 2.0 Snowboard/Ski Permanent Treatment Base Glide Service

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Never Pay To Have Your Skis/Snowboard Waxed Ever Again!
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Exclusively available on new skis and snowboards purchased from Absolute Snow the DPS Phantom 2.0 treatment service completely eliminates the need to apply wax to your skis or snowboards. This product is to be purchased with any new ski or snowboard only, as the base needs to be in pristine condition prior to application for best results.

When you purchase this product, our workshop technicians will unwrap your brand new skis or snowboard and professionally treat them in our Phantom curing station, before sending them out to you. This process takes about 24 hours to complete and permanently bonds the Phantom product to your new base. Please be patient during this time as we rigorously check each application, so expect your new products about 2 days after ordering.
Read on to find out more about this revolutionary new product;

When wax is applied it forms a thin topical layer on the base, this helps the base to slide faster over snow but also begins to wear off from the moment your base touches snow. After a certain amount of time it will all have worn off and all that effort to get them waxed will have been in vain.

Enter Phantom! Phantom is absorbed into and bonds with the entire depth of the base materials permanently. In this way the newly formed material of base and Phantom create glide themselves, so it never wears off!
At Absolute Snow we believe in doing things properly, previously this product relied on hours of consistent UV rays from good old fashioned sunlight. While possible, this is not ideal, not just because sunny days are rare in the UK but most skiers/boarders will want to use this in winter so results can be less than perfect.

The DPS Phantom cure station allows our expert technicians to apply the treatment to the base of your skis or board and cure them in the optimum and consistent UV conditions for the treatment to perfectly and completely bond with the entire base without any imperfections from outside effects.
Once the Phantom has bonded our technicians will expertly clean and polish your base to a premium finish so you will be more than ready to hit the slopes this winter with a base that never slows down.

If you're tired of waxing your own boards or skis, or tired of paying someone else to, then there's only one solution: Phantom, the permanent base glide treatment from DPS!

Features Include
  • One-off application - Glide forever, one application will last the entire life of your ski or Board
  • Improves speed and glide across all snow conditions - Performs better than all temperature wax and wont wear off
  • Environmentally Friendly - Unlike with wax, Phantom is permanently absorbed and bonded to base materials and won't rub off onto snow, meaning less chemicals end up in the water cycle. The chemicals involved are inert and harmless to humans, animals and plants, and the one-off application minimises waste
  • Equally effective on skis or snowboards - Phantom bonds will all skis or board bases
  • Not affected by base grinds - Servicing with a base grind does not effect the application as the phantom bonds with the entire depth of the base
  • Can Be Used Alongside Specific Waxes - For 99% of Skier/Boarders this will cover all conditions but for racers out there you might be happy to know specific wax can be applied on top for racing or specific snow conditions
Terms and Conditions
  • The Phantom treatment requires 24hrs to cure before use so please be aware that delivery times can take a little longer than usual and we cannot offer next day delivery on this service.
  • Because this is a permament change to the product by instructing us to apply this treatment you will not be able to cancel your order or to return the skis or snowboard for a refund after the work has begun. As such you forgo your right to cancel your order under the Distance Selling Regulations or the Sale of Goods Act.
  • This Service is for Brand new/Unused skis and snowboards at the time of purchase from Absolute Snow, we cannot offer this treatment on used equipment or retrospectively of purchase or offer appointments at our store for this service.

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