Demon Snowboard Stomplock/Leashlock Combo, Clear

Demon Snowboard Stomplock/Leashlock Combo, Clear

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Combined Stomp Pad, Snowboard Lock and Leash.
Brand Colour:Clear
Product ID: 9004  
DS2026 895722142349
12 inch (30cm) coiled leash with triple combination lock, featuring a 3 inch (91cm) stranded steel cable. Polycarbonate traction 'security' stomp pad withstands 250lbs of torque presure. Engineered acrylic base tape with foam adhesive.

Lock up your snowboard without having to carry extra gear.

How to set the lock combination:
Leave the numbers in their original position ie 0 0 0. Push the little black button with a spike, pin or pencil tip until you here it click. Rotate the numbers to your desired code. Squeeze the gate door of the lock until it releases the little black button (you should hear it click again). That's it - new combination set!

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