DemonDemon Universal Bulk All Temp Snowboard/Ski Base Wax, 500g, Blue

Demon Universal Bulk All Temp Snowboard/Ski Base Wax, 500g, Blue

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Snowboard or Ski Base Wax - All Temperature.

Designed to be hot melted onto the base of your skis or snowboard using an electric iron.

Save money with this bulk sized ski wax by Demon. It is silicone fortified so is faster than normal fluorine wax.

Please note that unlike other brands, Demon's all-temperature wax is blue this season.

  • Ideal for use in all temperature snow conditions
  • 500gm block (photo shoes 2, but you will receive 1 block)

Click here for more info on how to choose the right wax and much wax you'll need.

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