Hyperlite Hyperlite TRIBUTE Demo Wakeboard, 137, Black Orange, 2010

Hyperlite TRIBUTE Demo Wakeboard, 137, Black Orange, 2010
  • Hyperlite TRIBUTE Demo Wakeboard, 137, Black Orange, 2010

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Black Orange
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Abrupt continuous rocker - lots of speed great pop and a predictable ride - this shape is the 2nd biggest selling in the Hyperlite collection as it suits so many riders and styles - you are sure to enjoy this great board . Showroom Demo Model

Hyperlite Tribute has an abrupt but continuous rocker style for great carving into the wake with lots of pop - a consistent ride with great predictability - soft rails in the centre of the board with hard cupped rails and tip and tail for maximum release and a clean take off. This also makes this board great for Cable use

The Tribute is a shape designed for the true freeride experience. Built off of a 2.55" continuous rocker line, it carries awesome speed into the wake and all the pop you need. Combined with a variable edge design which rolls from soft between your feet to a sharp cupped rail tip and tail, this board is as quick and responsive as they come.

A new feature that strays from traditional Hyperlite shapes, however, is the Tribute's shorter curved molded-in fins. Ending almost two inches from the tip and tail of the board, it's just enough fin to know it's there and working, but nothing to delay release off the wake.

All in all the Tribute is a great new addition to the line and definitely a shape and a ride Hyperlite has never offered in the past but this has become number 2 in the collection behind the Clash.

Skill level: Intermediate/Advanced
Rocker Style: Blended three-stage

Fin configuration: Three on each end. One 0.7" A-Wing center fin and two molded-in outer fins.
Weight range:140 lbs. and up 62Kgs +
Stance width range: 45.72 cm/18.00 in. to 60.96 cm/24.00 in.
Construction: PU Foam (Bio 2)
Length: 136.00 cm/53.54 in.
Mid width: 41.57 cm/16.37 in.
Tip width: 27.17 cm/10.70 in.
Surface Area: 1,991.36 cm/784.00 in.
Rocker: 6.60 cm/2.60 in.

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This is our Demo / Showroom model and has been ridden

Rocker Style
  • Blended three-stage - loads of pop

  • Product details
  • Greg Nelson Design
  • Top Contours for Maximum Weight Reduction
  • Monocoque Construction, Layered Glass = stronger & lighter
  • Wider Shallower Molded-in Fins - less hook up but plenty of drive
  • Shaped Channels in the bottom design - more drive and power
  • Shaped Center Landing Zone - softer - you need it as this has lots of pop and it will save your knees when you go out into the flats
  • Monocoque Construction - strong and light with additional carbon detail in the tail to make it stiff and light
  • Biolite Core - precision shaped and greater accuracy for the shape

  • Warranty details
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • New DN Base for better protection and long life - great if you abuse your board on sliders or rails
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