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Led Lenser H8R Headlamp IPX56 Rechargable Head Torch, 600 Lumens Black
Led Lenser

Led Lenser H8R Headlamp IPX56 Rechargable Head Torch, 600 Lumens Black

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Embrace the new age of the headtorch: elegance and functionality with 600 lumens of power.
Size:600 lumens
Colour: Black
IPX Rating:IPX56
Product ID: 206511  
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The H8R from Led Lenser is considered to be an all-rounder of their Head series. Developed for the everyday user, the design is refined to be as intuitive and functional as possible.

The H8R is the lightest head torch of its brightness level, on full 600 lumens it casts a beam an exceptional distance of 150m. The interface is customisable to your needs, with two selectable light output sequences ranging from power to lower power or low power to high power.

In addition to impressive power and run-times, the unit has specific features that tailor towards the dog walker, hiker or electrician. A transportation lock prevents the battery draining if the switch is pressed accidentally thus ensuring the light is available to use when needed. A rear red tail light illuminates your position from the rear, allowing yourself to be visible to team members and motorists.

Spearheading the way with rechargeable technology the H8R uses a USB 3.0 charging system that sets a standard for effortlessly charging the unit.

What sets Led Lenser torches apart is their patented Advanced Focus System Optics. Inspired by Galileo and Newton the technology combines both a reflector and lens together as one optic. This provides a clear homogeneous spill of light at close distances and can be adapted to have a sharply focused beam at longer ranges.

Lightweight, durable and powerful the outdoor H series from Led Lenser delivers reliable illumination. End the darkness with the H8R from Led Lenser.

Burn Times
  • 600 Lumens: 10 Hours
  • 10 Lumens: 120 Hours
Lighting Range
  • 600 Lumens: 150m
  • 10 Lumens: 20m
The Lowdown
  • Lumens: 600 Lumens
  • Led configuration: 1 x Power Led
  • Max Distance: 150m
  • Max Burn Time: 120 Hours
  • Transportation lock: Yes
  • Rear lighting: Red
  • Battery type: USB rechargeable (18650) 3.7V battery supplied
  • IPX Rating: IPX54
  • Weight: 500g
In the box
  • H8R headtorch
  • L-ion (18650) 3.7V battery
  • USB 3.0 charging cable

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