LoadedLoaded Bhangra Option 7 Longboard, 48.5", Flex Option 1

Loaded Bhangra Option 7 Longboard, 48.5

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Loaded Bhangra - Option 7

A more compact dancing/freestyle deck, the Loaded Bhangra offers plenty of foot space to get your dancing groove on yet is compact and lightweight enough to facilitate steezy slides and advanced flatland tricks. Upturned nose and tail kicks, purposeful griptape patterns, rocker, mellow concave and damp flex (created in part by the use of epoxy bio-resin & cork) result in comfortable and functional ergonomics that inspire confidence on both the dance floor and the hills!

Here's what Loaded say about the Bhangra:

"We are stoked on the rocker in this board (the board has a slight “U” bend to it). The original
prototype had camber and felt good, but we decided to put some rocker in it and bam a ram, it instantly felt
so much better. The rocker just sinks you into the board and gives you that extra cushy, locked in feel. Feels
great for dancing, makes sliding a lot easier and more comfortable, and puts the board lower to the ground,
making pushing a tad bit easier.

Concave: HURRAY, we added concave! We added a mellow “U” concave to give you more confi dence when
sliding. The concave also helps lock your feet in when landing big spins and such. The concave is mellow
and does not feel uncomfortable for footwork moves.

Nose and Tail Kicks: More nose and tail curvatures allow for easier catching of the nose and tail. If you get
your timing down, yes you can ollie the Bhangra. Not easy, but it can be done. Both the nose and tail will
lock your feet in nicely for manuals, but the different lengths result in distinct feelings of balance and pop.
You may fi nd riding the board in a certain direction better for some tricks; for example, the tail is really good for catching shuvits-to-manuals, while the nose feels better for hang ten manuals.

Construction: We are stoked to say this is our most organic board to date. We have created a durable beast
bound together with jello and spider tears. Actually, the board is constructed from bamboo, cork and epoxy
bio-resin. We used no fi berglass in this board but were able to get the strength and fl ex characteristics we
wanted by using two vertical cores of vert-lam bamboo with cork in the middle for weight reduction and
dampening. The top of the board is a cross-ply of bamboo vert-lam to strengthen the board across the
width and we use a similar ply in the center (next to the cork) to stiffen up the fl ex. Many of the boards
have small holes in the nose and or tail. These are caused by grooves in the bottom core that allow the
board to bend into a deeper concave. They will not affect the performance or durability of the board and are
a great place to store soup.

Epoxy Bio-Resin: Not sure if you knew this, but resin plays a big part in how a board feels. We tried out
a variety of resins, each having their own energy return properties and fl ex characteristics. For a board
like this, we really dug a more mellow, damp feeling resin. Something that just kind of sinks nicely under
your feet and does not have so much energy return that it wants to buck you off. We classify the fl ex as
soft, damp, almost “dead” fl ex. In contrast a Dervish has a more lively, springy fl ex to it. So we found the
perfect resin for this board and are even more stoked because it is a bio-resin and tastes good in cereal,

This board comes in 2 flex options:

Option 1 - (150-250+ lbs) is definitely stiffer, and if you are 160 lbs it will
only fl ex slightly under you. If you like stiffer boards and plan on doing
hard pounding tricks with this board or weigh more (over 190 lbs), this is
your board.
Option 2 - (90-190+ lbs) is what Adam S. (150 lbs) and Adam C. (160 lbs)
ride. The Adam’s prefer a board with a bit of flex to it (feels a lot better
for freestyle). You can still take the flex 2 plenty fast and do slides
comfortably, thanks to the rocker and concave.

Please select the option you want from the drop down menu at the top.

Option 7 features:
  • Gullwing charger 180's Trucks raw
  • Orangatang 4 president or stimulus wheels
  • Jehu Abec 5 Bearings
  • Specifications:
  • Length: 48.5"
  • Width: 9.5"
  • Wheel base: 32.75"
  • Profile: Mellow U concave
  • Construction: Bamboo, Cork and Epoxy bio resin

  • Please note that these longboards are custom built to order here in the UK and then shipped out to you directly. This means that it might take up to 4/5 days from the date of order before the longboard arrives with you - believe us they are worth the wait! Next day delivery is therefore not available on this product.