OrtovoxOrtovox 200 Carbon PFA Avalanche Safety Probe, 200cm

Ortovox 200 Carbon PFA Avalanche Safety Probe, 200cm

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The finest Carbon probe money can buy, accurate and super lightweight!

The Ortovox 200 Carbon PFA is one of the most rigid and accurate probes in the Ortovox line and weighs next to nothing. Carbon is a super lightweight material that is super durable, making it a great choice for safety equipment. The PFA Patented Flash Assembly quick release system means the Carbon PFA can be deployed in seconds and stays rigid through the whole exercise. You also get an EVA foam handle to protect you from the cold and a steel cable pull line which is nearly indestructible. The Carbon PFA comes highly recommended for any back country enthusiast!

The Lowdown
  • Collapsed Size - 40cm
  • Extended Size - 200cm
  • Tensioning System - PFA Patented Flash Assembly
  • Shaft Diameter - 10mm
  • Probe Construction - Carbon
  • Segments - 6
  • Weight - 220g