Air-tight portable wine storage container with an eco-friendly design!
Size:0.8l - 0.8L | 28 fl oz
Colour: Red
Brand Colour:Red - Red
Cap::Screw Cap
Product ID: 182243  
07110 040818070710
The Platypus PlatyPreserve™ portable wine storage bottle gives you a compact and versatile solution to packing your favourite white or red along on an outdoor trip. Thanks to its durable construction the Platy Preserve provides secure storage with a soft-wall design that can be rolled up and placed in a pack or pocket when emptied. A high-quality food-grade lining is 100% taste-free and won't spoil the flavour while the air-tight construction ensures any unfinished wine will be safely stored until your next camping or festival outing.

Not just for wine, the PlatyPreserve™ offers a high quality alternative to wasteful single-use bottles and containers. This reusable drinks flask offers the ideal means of refreshment for hikes, music festivals, camping, climbing trips, or simply around town. It offers more than just a bottle, with a sustainable and ethical design for long term use that helps reduce plastic waste which is good for everyone, everywhere.

Refill and reuse - again and again!

  • Portable wine container for camping, travel & outdoor use
  • Packable design flattens to roll up when empty to save space
  • Food-grade lining is 100% taste-free, preserving the taste of your wine
  • Angled spout for easy pour
  • Screw cap design
  • Airtight design stores unfinished wine to protect flavour
  • Capacity: 0.8L | 28 fl oz
  • Weight: 20 g | 0.8 oz
  • Size: 16 x 26 cm | 6.3 x 10.2"
  • Material: Polyethylene

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