Hi-tech multi-voltage power bank for all round charging performance.
Size:Os - Capacity: 12000mAh 44Wh
Colour: Black / orange
Brand Colour:Black - Black
Product ID: 193422  
PTL-MNG001 5060176984486
There is unlimited 'natural' power in the world. For over 15 years Powertraveller has been leading innovations in rechargeable battery and solar panel technology for outdoors enthusiasts and travellers alike.

The Mini-G Power Pack from PowerTraveller gives you a dynamic device charger with a work-horse construction housing a powerful 12,000mAh lithium ion battery. This power pack is designed to charge or top-up virtually any smaller electronic device including SLR cameras, iPads/tablets, iPhones/smart Phones, and more. A great way to store that back-up boost of power when you're away from a wall socket. Running low on power? Simply connect the Mini-G to your device via the included micro USB or DC cable and you're back in the game.

The Mini-G features multi-voltage technology with DC output settings of 12V, 16V and 19V. These enable the Mini-G to charge more powerful electronics such as tablets, SLR cameras, and netbooks under 44 Watts. To use, simply select the correct voltage required to charge your device. Once the LCD screen indicates the chosen voltage, then connect your device and begin charging. Dual USB ports output at 5V making them perfect for charging smaller devices such as phones, smartwatches and other devices that are usually charged via USB.

The Mini-G also has a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) feature. When connected via the included 19V universal AC mains charger and the voltage has been set to the 19V output, if the power supply from the electrical wall socket is interrupted, the Mini-G will remain on.

You can also charge the Mini-G via the AC mains supply while charging a device from the outputs at the same time. When using the 19V universal AC mains adaptor to charge the mini-g, the DC output will be set at 19V. This enables users to charge a device requiring a 19V input while the Mini-G itself is receiving power. Similarly, you can also charge devices using the USB sockets.

This hard-wearing and compact power bank makes a truly useful gift to outdoors enthusiasts, backpackers and anyone looking for a quick and reliable way to top-up their devices on the go. At just 323g it's the perfect companion to any outdoor or backpacking trip or simply for a back up charge to keep in the car!

Please note: The Mini-G can be charged by the Falcon 21 and the Falcon 40 solar panels. They cannot be charged by the Falcon 7 panel.

  • Rugged hi-tech 5V-19V Charger
  • Milliamps Hour (mAh): 12000
  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion
  • Voltage: 5V, 12V, 16V, 19V
  • DC Input
  • DC Output (12V, 16V & 19V)
  • Dual USB Output (5V 2A /1A)
  • 1 x USB output: 5V 2A Quick Charge
  • 4 LED battery level indicator
  • Size: 190 x 110 x 18 mm
  • Weight: 323g
In the Box:
  • 1 x mini-g portable charger
  • 1 x USB to micro USB cable
  • 1 x DC connection cable
  • 1 x 19V universal AC Mains charger
  • 1 x Female 12V in-car socket
Works With:
  • SLR Cameras
  • iPads/Tablets
  • iPhones/Smart Phones
  • Netbooks
  • Hand-held Cameras/Action Cameras
  • iPods/MP3/MP4
  • PSP/Hand-held/Games Consoles
  • Head Torches
  • Netbook (<44W): 1-2 charges
  • SLR Camera: 2-5 charges
  • Tablet: 1-2 charges
  • Smartphone: 3-5 charges
  • GoPro: 7-8 charges
  • Smart watch: 20-22 charges

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