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SILVA Trail Runner 4 Ultra IPX5 Running Headlamp, 350 Lumens Black

SILVA Trail Runner 4 Ultra IPX5 Running Headlamp, 350 Lumens Black

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A double battery pack makes this an ultrarunners best friend for lighting up the trail.
Size:350 lumens
Colour: Black / white
IPX Rating:IPX5
Product ID: 202941  
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The worlds most renowned running headlamp has now been tailored for ultra distance runners. A new edition to the Trail Runner range the Ultra provides individuals heading into the night with ample battery life to cope with the longest of runs.

With 350 lumens of max brightness in addition to 90 hours of burn time on low power, the Trail Runner 4X is ideal for those looking for a head torch that doesn’t give out halfway through a race. The package includes two batteries; a Li-Po 2.4h rechargeable to be the staple power and a 3xAAA battery case (batteries not included) for redundancy on the trail. The device is IPX5 rated to cope with unexpected showers.

In addition to the impressive power and burn time the unit features running specific features for those who enjoy head out during the darkest hours. The wide fit headband is siliconised on the inside to snugly fit against the head and hold the lamp in place even when sweaty. Pull adjustment loops allow the head-torch to quickly tailor the torch to their size of head for optimal comfort.

The Trail Runner 4 Ultra uses Intelligent Light Technology that optimizes the spread of beam and throw. A combination of a long reach spotlight and close flood light improves peripheral vision thus results in less head movement, promoting improved balance.

The light now features 4 modes of illumination: maximum, medium, minimum and blink that can be cycled through dependent on your terrain. Moreover on turning the light ‘off’ a power level indicator notifies you on the available remaining power of the torch, providing you with the knowledge when to change batteries.

As part of the Ultra package, a Tyto safety light is included. The Tyto can be attached to the rear of the headband to provide rear red light illumination for improved visibility. Additionally included is an extension cord for the battery of the Trail Runner 4 which allows you to carry battery packs in your pocket or backpack.

Using a rechargeable battery saves both the environment and your wallet, due to the fact you won’t need to replace disposable batteries. However, in the event of being caught short on the trail, the included battery housing provides a backup for lighting.

Designed for those who don’t want the darkness to limit their training, the Trail Runner 4 Ultra is a runner's nocturnal companion.

Explore throughout the night. Be a trail runner!

Burn Times
  • 250 Lumens: 30 Hours
  • 50 Lumens: 50 Hours
Lighting Range
  • 250 Lumens: 65m
  • 50 Lumens: 20m
The Lowdown
  • Lumens: 250 Lumens
  • Led configuration: 1 x Power Led
  • Max Distance: 65m
  • Max Burn Time: 90 Hours
  • Transportation lock:No
  • Battery type:3 x Micro (AAA) included
  • IPX Rating: IPX5
  • Weight:121g

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